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    Providing developers and businesses a simple way of publishing and subscribing to notifications that affect their operations.

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PublishEvent("Hello Knowvent", INFO)

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Event Log

Always have a place to log your application’s events that everyone can view. Our simple REST API and available SDKs make logging events easy for developers and our portal makes viewing them a pleasure for everyone else.

Event Notification Broker

Knowvent makes it easy for business users to subscribe to application events that are most important to your job. Better yet, you can customize how you what to receive notification, such as SMS or mobile push notifications.

Heartbeat Monitoring

Let Knowvent’s Heartbeat monitoring engine watch your jobs and services for you. If a application fails to report a heartbeat Knowvent will log and notify right away. Using your simple

Developer API

Our rich and well documented REST API get developers TTFHW in 5 minutes.

How We Do It

Knowvent is your very own event and notification hub where all of your applications send critical and not so critical events to be managed with ease. Setup unique subscriptions for a specific audience so they get the notifications they care about. No longer will important issues go unnoticed.

You can access all of your event history and manage your subscriptions through our iOS and Android apps. Also, get real-time push notifications so you can stay connected on the go.


Knowvent Cloud Stats

The Knowvent notifications platform has helped businesses identify and catalog their most critical events.


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